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        Beijing YuanU International Travel Co., Ltd is an international travel agency authorized by China National Tourism Administration,specializing in Chinese citizens outbound tourism business service (exit permit number: L - BJ - CJ00262).






        The Company has a number of successful cases of operations on the Chinese citizenstraveling. It has rich upstream resources of the aviation and local travel agencies as well as certain advantages in Middle East market. With the close cooperation with United Arab Emirates Airlines, Jumeirah Hotel Group and local travel agencies, it promotes characteristic travelings to Middle East to ensure every creative idea and business leisure activity to be successful and fruitful. It has also arranged tourism and business investigations in Dubai for large and medium-sized enterprises , and received favorable comments from the enterprises.





    With the increasing number of outbound destination countries and gradually mature consumer market, the company also introduced more popular travel products such as island tourism, hotel and other supporting products and distinctive traveling routes which are also loved by customers.






        Beijing YuanU International Travel Co., Ltd is willing to work with tourism industry, business circles and social organizations all over the world. 

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